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DWAI’s & DWI’s (DUI’s)

If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI, you are innocent until prosecutors prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a VERY high burden of proof for the DA.

Gladys Mozo uses her complete understanding of DWI law to defend her clients in the best way she knows how. That entails going over every detail of the case including the client’s perspective and the arresting officer’s. These details include:

  • Getting a written account from the client, detailing everything that happened the night of the arrest, starting with the first drink and ending with the last contact made with the arresting officer.
  • Analyzing the criminal complaint of the arresting officer.
  • Determine if any search and seizure issues exist.
  • If you were stopped for a traffic or equipment violation, was the stop warranted?
  • Was a field sobriety test given or refused? Depending on the answer and details, there could be a defense.
  • Did you admit to the officer that you had a drink?
  • Was a breath test given, if so, what was the blood alcohol level and were proper procedures followed?
  • How many DWI’s have you had?
  • What was your BAC level?
  • All options will be on the table including a pretrial mitigation plan. A pretrial mitigation plan can be successful for first time offenders who are just over the BAC limit. For this to be successful clients must be realistic about their situation. Character reference letters, work history etc. can help.
  • While most clients don’t like to think of a conviction, it is our job to have a plan in case there is one. Post-conviction options include work release, limited driving, weekend jail time and home incarceration. It’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario and have options for it as well.

Mozo Law believes in giving each and every client the full attention they deserve in handling their DWI case. This includes limiting our firm’s client intake to ensure we go over every detail that might lead to a case getting dismissed or weakened.

Mozo Law also understands that with the stress of a criminal conviction comes the financial stress of fines and legal fees. That is why we will try to get fines reduced and give you affordable DWI legal service.

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