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Trademarking can be a process, but if we file it, you WILL get your registration.

100% Money-back Guaranteed

You did it! You made the one decision that most struggle with. You committed to bringing your vision, business, and brand to life.

I’m sure you want to create a life that allows you to spend more time with your family, pursue your passions, or simply have greater flexibility to do more of what you love…

Whatever your motivation – you are doing it, and it’s a BIG deal.

So Now, It’s Time For Us to Protect What You’re Building.

By filing your trademark now, you get brand protection backed by the federal government:

  • Federal trademarks provide legal protection for your brand in the entire United States,
  • Trademarking helps guard against counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Once you register your trademark, you can use the trademark registration symbol which tells others to BACK OFF!
  • With your registered trademark, you can send cease and desist letters to deter others from profiting from your brand.
  • You don’t have to look over your shoulder about whether your investment in your brand is protected.
  • Trademarks deter others from starting brands with the same/similar name as yours.
  • Trademarks last forever, as long as you are still using it and file your maintenance documents.

If You Offer a Product Or Service, You Need A Trademark ASAP

Choosing to not file your trademark in the early stages of business can lead to someone else trademarking it before you. At that point, you’ll have two options:

(a) try to negotiate with the other person, or

(b) file a petition to cancel their trademark.

Neither is guaranteed to be successful, and the petition is costly and can take up to two years for a final decision.

Don’t Let That Be You!

If your brand is not available to trademark, then we will refund 100% of any and all sums paid to us or keep searching additional names/logos for free until we find one you can trademark.

PLUS, if we file and you don’t get a registration, we will refund 100% of any and all sums paid to us.

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